Clare Associates Ltd

Clare Associates

Clare Associates Ltd is a website development, marketing and business development agency established in 2002. We put the emphasis on close communication with customers, presenting ideas and solutions in a clear, easy to understand way that avoids jargon. Our approach is to find out what our clients need, and work out a solution that fits both their needs and their budget.

We are based on the Cornish side of the Tamar Valley, with clients across Cornwall, Devon and around the UK.


Web development

People rarely need us to design their websites – even when they say they do. We don’t just do design. What we do is website creation.

Your website may look good, but if nobody knows it’s out there, then it’s not fulfilling its function.



A website needs to be search engine friendly, with relevant content that will attract the right visitors. It needs to look good but it also needs to be easy to use and accessible to everyone. And unless your business never changes, it needs to be easy to update. Clare Associates works with businesses across Devon, Cornwall and around the UK to build sites that look great, are easy to find and use.



21st century marketing

Clare Associates is not just a marketing agency. We are a 21st century marketing agency. We specialise in transforming 20th century marketing campaigns into 21st century campaigns. 21st century marketing relies not just on new technology but on using that technology in measured and controllable ways.

We are one of only a handful of agencies in the southwest (and the only one in or near Plymouth) to be accredited by Google as AdWords Certified Partners. Google AdWords is a perfect example of 21st century marketing in action.


20th century marketing was all about putting up advertising and hoping it caused more people to buy your products. We use 21st century techniques to help clients target their marketing spend more accurately at people who are interested in buying from them. More targeted marketing means a better return on marketing investment.



Business development

Is your business achieving its full potential? Is it becoming difficult to manage? Is it as profitable as you’d like? Is it growing at the rate you’d like? Do you find that you’re spending so much time working in the business that you aren’t able to step back and work on the business?

These are the sort of problems we help our clients to solve.

We also offer a wide range of training solutions – in both ‘hard’ skills and ‘soft’ skills – tailored to our clients’ needs – and business simulations, rather like the You’re Hired! challenges.