'You're Hired!' is a business challenge, issued to 17 year olds across Plymouth by a number of local, national and international businesses, challenging them to solve commercial problems in a creative and strategic manner. You're Hired! endeavours to cover all of the secondary schools in Plymouth each year in a bid to find "Plymouth's Most Employable 17 Year Old" along with many other awards.

The first round of the selection process starts with the heats - one per school. Each heat lasts for one school day and typically involves two different employers running their own short challenge. Participants take part in teams, but it is the best few individuals from each heat who progress to the Final. The Final takes place over two very intense days in the summer. Finalists are divided into teams again and have to work together to solve a technically demanding challenge. The Final is supported by the 'Making an Impact Workshop' - a fantastic day of support, that takes place before the final. The workshop gives students the basic skills they need to impress the judges in the competition, but also their future employers in the real world.

Are you ready?

Our challenges test every single aspect of your problem solving ability. We look to find someone who is not just academically talented, but can work well in a team and be inspirational in their commercial ideas and towards others.

The Top 50

We look for the Most Employable 17 Year Olds in Plymouth. Someone who makes it to the final can justifiably claim to be in the fifty or so most employable people in their age group in Plymouth.

Local Talent

We want to prove that Plymouth is full of commerical talent. Whether it be future Engineers, Accountants, Designers, Surveyors, Lawyers, Marketers or Consultants, the future of Plymouth business depends on you!





You're Hired! fills an important gap for students, schools and local companies. For students, it can often be difficult to convince prospective employers of their suitability for jobs. Most students will have limited work experience, much of it doing straightforward, less challenging jobs.Schools find it easy to identify academic talent or sporting talent or even artistic talent. Identifying commercial talent is much harder, especially for teachers with little or no experience of the commercial world. This means that employers may find it difficult to recruit the right staff at the post-18 or post-21 levels.